Cloud Desktop Computer: somewhere in Amazon someone perceived my feelings

November 13, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

Today read on HackerNews that Amazon is launching “Amazon Workspaces“.

Basically, it’s a remote desktop service, with prices going from 35$/month for a very basic windows-based remote desktop (one virtual cpu, 3,75 GB ram, 50GB of user storage, and basic office utilities such as adobe pdf reader, internet explorer 9, firefox, java runtime environment, 7-zip and flash) to a 75$/month advanced package (2 virtual cpus, 7.75 GB of ram, 100 gb storage and a longer list of software including microsoft office professional).

It’s actually a good solution in my opinion to lower IT cost: Amazon takes care of maintenance, hardware failure and replacement, you only take take care of minimal hardware (basically a thin client, keyboard, mouse and screen).

That’s not actually what I thought, but it’s somehow close.

Would I use it? No, because I don’t use Windows.