SecretSanta 2013

November 13, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

Yes, Christmas is coming!

This year I decided to take part to RedditGifts’ Secret Santa.

(Did I mention I love Reddit?)

What is Secret Santa ? Basically it’s an on-line initiative to get strangers from all over the world to make gifts each other.

Going practical, each redditor who takes part to Secret Santa is given another redditor’s username and address. The task then is to stalk him/her for a couple of weeks and try to figure out what could he/she like, buy a present and ship it.

RedditGift’s staff recommends spending about 20 dollars, but it is only an advice, you could actually spend how much you want.

Yes, I’m taking part to SecretSanta this year.

Going forward, I want to leave you with a short talk about RedditGifts and SecretSanta: