30 days challenge: no internet area

November 16, 2013 | 3 Minute Read

I always had troubles at getting up early in the morning.

Yesterday (yesterday night, of course) I was lying in my bed surfing the internet. I woke up to drink a glass of water and noticed my room mate was doing the same (at the moment I live in a double room with another computer engineering student). It was.. ehrr… late.

I asked him: “Why can’t we be like normal people and get to bed early?”

He replied: “Because we have an internet connection, and we know how many things we can find on the ‘net. We should like stop using our computer after a certain our at night”.

I asked. “Shall we accept the challenge?”

“Of course no!” He replied.

Yeah, end of funny story.

Let’s come to the serious business. I decided to take the challenge, actually.

Of course, turning off computer after a certain our seems a little bit too extreme to me, so I’m giving myself this challenge: after 10:30 pm I should use no network connection, for thirty days.

Here are the rules:

And the exceptions:

If you never heard about 30 days challenge, here’s a brief description:

I’ve know about this for a while, but never actually took a serious challenge myself.

So, what else to say? Today’s gonna be the first night, it’s gonna be a long long night. LOL.