I’ll be dropping two Coursera courses, and take another one. Here’s why.

February 04, 2014 | 2 Minute Read

As mentioned previously, “things” are happening. I won’t go deeper on the topic as I don’t want to disclose details before I’m 100% confident with doing it.

By the way, until yesterday, I was following three courses on Coursera:

I followed most of lectures from CN and ANDR. I wasn’t following CN with 100% commitment since I’ve been studying most of the topics in high school already and I just wanted a refresh on some topics. ANDR course instead is very interesting and I like a lot the practical approach to the subject.

ALG has just started, and I would like to follow it.

So, what happened?

Simply, my needs have changed.

So, what courses will I be diving into? I’m currently enrolled into “Functional Programming Principles in Scala“. It is an enlightening course and shows a new way to look at programming. More mathematical, more functional, more elegant.

That’s it for now.