Azzone keeps his promises

February 19, 2014 | 2 Minute Read

Some months a go, our university president Giovanni Azzone took part in an interview with Poli.Radio, and as students, we have all been invited to ask questions live via the webchat.

Of course, I asked his opinion on MOOCs and why isn’t Politecnico di Milano doing anything in the field. He answered me briefly, and pretty vaguely at the time, basically saying that “things are getting planned and yada yada yada” (buzzwords). In italian, this kind of answers are called “supercazzole”. I think he didn’t want to disclose much too details on the topic (maybe he likes surprises?).

Today a friend of mine (the good old Otacon) made me notice this news:

Il Politecnico di Milano e l’insegnamento on line: parliamo dei MOOCS

Basically the page (besides officializing the fact that PoliMi is working on a MOOC programme) says that MOOC programme from Politecnico will follow three steps (phases):

  1. MOOCs for high school students that want to enroll in an engineering course at Politecnico. This should help people get prepared for the admission test, as well as help people “not fully admitted” to get fully admitted
  2. MOOCs for students (even foreigner ones) that want to enroll in a Master’s degree at Politecnico, in order to provide solid foundations
  3. “Soft-skills” MOOCs as requested by “companies”. Very few details on this topic

On the technical side, the university is going to work with EdX from MIT, but will be using an self-ran instance.

What to say?


p.s: it seems very nice now, we’ll see what this will bring in practice.