Aggiornamenti del 2010-10-16

October 16, 2010 | 2 Minute Read

  • double the gun, double the fun… #
  • @desaparecido !drivel segfaults to me :( #
  • drops dead… #
  • Mono addons for git, quote:
    well, we already have “git, only slower”
    it’s called mercurial
    so there’s no demand for git# #
  • @mpwoodward then you’ll get kicked in the head when noticing unity’s slowness. (i own too a 1000HE). easy-peasy is the way. #
  • @mpwoodward you need to clean after install. remove CShit(libmono) and install shotwell instead of picasa (winelib app makes tux sad) !linux #
  • @mpwoodward easy-peasy installs picasa instead. If on 10.10 try 2D launcher in efl, gorgeus but not complete. #
  • @titanioverde unfortunately such “geniuses” exist. #
  • What is simplest distro for netbooks? (My gf will use it so no archlinux/gentoo). Netbook with slow graphics so no 3d please (no UNR) !linux #
  • @hardisk what is special about it? #
  • @titanioverde honestly i see no future in chrome Os and jolicloud #
  • @headphonica hehehe, if i put that my gf gets really angry… she doesn’t enjoy minimalism #
  • @imag1narynumber salix looks nice indeed. I’ll give it a try. #
  • @nsmadlinx lol, mepis was the distro i used when i approached linux :) #
  • @titanioverde i think they depend too much on connectivity and rely on cloud sw. #
  • @titanioverde i find meego aproach social but clean enough if you are not always connected. No chrome for me :P #
  • @waltercool they are shitting their pants because openoffice is free and oracle wants to put money in it #
  • @titanioverde i don’t like ubuntu/debian. try meego, linux foundation is behind it. #
  • @titanioverde exactly. Meego is hosted by lf and a trademark of linux foundation. #