We use cookies and track visits to gather information on what information channels work best and be able to reach more people.

We do not collect any identifying information.

Tracking is performed by our self-hosted installation of Matomo at analytics.poul.org.

The following non-identifying information is collected by our Matomo instance:

This information is stored within the European Union and is not disclosed to anybody for no reason whatsoever, unless required by the law.

The data is used exclusively by our “social media” team to better find out how people get to know about our events. For example, we would like to know whether people find out about us from the PoliTamTam Polimi newsletter, our banners hanged around the campuses or our social media accounts.

Tracking is performed exclusively on our website poul.org, some of its subdomains, in some pages of our GitLab Pages instance at poul.page and subdomains.

Opting out

We respect the “Do Not Track” functionality, if enabled in the web browser. If it’s enabled, no tracking is performed.

If you would still like to be tracked by other people but not by us, you can explicitly opt-out by using the following form:

For more information

For more information you can contact us.