34c3 - Trip to Leipzig, Dec 2017

August 21, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

POuL organizes for the fourth consecutive year a trip to Leipzig, for the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC).

CCC is the greatest hacker conference in Europe. During four days between Christmas and New Years Eve, thousands of hackers, technology freaks, artists and utopians get together in Leipzig to communicate, learn from each others, and party together. The focus will be on topics such as information technology, digital security, making and breaking, and engaging in creative, sceptical discourse on the interaction between technology and society.

You can find more information on Wikipedia or on the last year’s event page. The majority of the talks will be in English (although some will be in German with a simultaneous translation in English).

We’ll get there by plane on December 26th and we’ll come back on December 31th. Politecnico will partially refund the trip with150€/person, which will be subtracted from the 500€/person estimate for ticket, transport and accommodation. The estimate increase with respect to last year is mostly due to the absence of a direct flight to Leipzig from Milan, which negatively impacts on the plane price.

The refunding is available only for 30 Politecnico students – BSc, MSc and Ph.D (laurea triennale, magistrale o dottorato).
Also please keep in mind that the purpose of the trip is to take part to CCC and not to visit the city.

We’ll allocate the available slots with a FIFO logic (first come, first served), so hurry up please.

Here’s the link to the application form.
We’ll send you an email with some additional details on transportations and costs.


Iniziativa realizzata con il contributo del Politecnico di Milano