So it’s been three months..

May 08, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

It’s been three months since I dived the functional world, writing software using Scala and other technologies developed by the folks at TypeSafe.

As i said previously, I’ve learnt most of my Scala through the progfun course on coursera, but I gained experience by actually writing software (you know, a gram of practice is often more important of tons of theory).

So I’ve spent three very busy months, and this blog has seen the effects of that: basically I’ve written no posts, and this is something I regret.

Quickly, here are most of the things I put my hands on:

It’s quite a lot of stuff :D

I actually I have plenty to write of. I hope I’ll find the time to organize all of the thoughts and topics and come up with some good posts :)

(p.s: I have to admit I’m liking PostgreSQL a lot)