On today’s Internet, anonymity and identites

April 11, 2014 | 3 Minute Read

I’ve been writing in the past about how much the Internet has changed since I was younger.

on the internet nobody knows you're a cat

On the Internet nobody knows you’re a cat



The Internet was way more libertarian. In some rare cases, you could have got in touch with someone from your real life without both of you realizing it.


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Evey Hammond

Evey Hammond


Evey Hammond.

In ‘V for Vendetta’, after V keeps her in his/her house, he goes back into the world, among people. When buying groceries, he runs into someone she used to know, but he/she didn’t recognize Evey as Evey.

That is, Evey is not part of that world somehow, Evey is a completely new woman. So much different people she used to work with don’t recognize her.

paragraph separatorHow does these two things relate, at least for me (that is, in my mind) ?

Strangely enough, I managed to move to a big city where I’m just a random guy walking down the streets, taking buses and subways, living my life, but on the internet I started using a single nickname on a regular basis. I use it on a such regular basis that some friends of mine from real life call me by nickname instead of my name (which is fancy, by the way).

So I realized I have no form of online-only identity. Also, I can still identify people from real life by the nickname they used to use long long time ago.

I’m not sure about how to interpret this ideas. I’m not sure if I should create another parallel identity (something that a lot of people do, but just for kinky purposes), just go taliban and try to be as anonymous as possible (on the matter, I have a friend I can learn a lot from) or anything else. Also, sometimes I wonder if it’s a good decision to write on this blog with my real name: using my real name exposes so much of my thinking, but wouldn’t having two separate blogs (one under my real name and an anonymous one) lead so some sort of negation of my ideas? Now that I’m writing this piece I’m realizing this topic needs a lot more thinking.

It’s strange how the Internet I fell in love with seems not to exist anymore.