My first WordPress Widget

January 18, 2014 | 2 Minute Read

Something happened recently, and lead me to give a look to WordPress APIs. So during the last two days, I’ve read some documentation and wrote some code.

So, today I wrote my first WordPress Widget: BITS status. You can see it in action in this blog, just under the “Meta” widget.

What does it do? It shows the status of POuL‘s seat.

People at POuL developed BITS in order to be easily able to check if the office is open without physically going there. It is used everyday and it’s described here, although it’s in Italian only.

Since it has a RESTful interface, my widget polls it for the status and display the status with some simple text.

Source is available on my Github account.

Some impressions:

A little rant: thank Thor, a friend of mine is an Envato customer, and let me watch some of their videos using his computer and his account. Their videos are just great, and Jeffrey Way is great at explaining. I’ll be an Envato paying customer if one day I’ll be working full time as web developer. Why do I say so? Because on WordPress’ documentation website there’s nothing like a “Build your first plugin and learn very core concepts of wordpress workflow in two hours”. You know, learn by doing.

In the end, I’m quite happy.

In the past I’ve read something about Drupal, and I liked it being a true content management framework. Still, it was somehow unpractical (not to mention it’s slow). WordPress seems fine, hopefully I’ll be diving deeper into it.

Bye for now,