After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless

January 04, 2014 | 2 Minute Read

I have a couple of good friends that are… Uhm… Let’s say they want to start-up a company. Some sort of. They’re not really 20-something crazy college droput, but they want to start a company.

I have helped them in the past by writing some code, and they’re getting closer and closer to their MVP.

Tonight we had another chat about this thing and I felt good, in a way I haven’t felt in a while.

I already realized that spending days without writing code takes sense away from my life (after all, that’s what the TAO of programming says: “After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless.”).

If writing code keeps me sane, today I felt even better.

Designing systems is something magical. It’s pure creation.

Today I realized that designing system and writing software bring joy into my life.

It’s been a while since I felt this way, and I don’t want that feel to fade away, again.

One of my new year resolution then is to get some sort of job and begin designing system and write code again.