Week projects

December 11, 2013 | 2 Minute Read

There is a non-null number of things I should do in my life.

Some of them aren’t complex, but would require a continual focus on the topic, sometimes even for a limited amount of time, that sometimes I don’t have, mostly because I like to fly from thing to thing in order to discover new neat/cool things.

Let’s consider some of the these things:

And a lot more…

One thing I’m seriously considering is facing a problem one at the time, completely, on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

That is, given a problem p, devote one whole week to solve it the proper way, that is analysing it, googling about it, develop prototypes, testing them, deploying them.

Why does this approach make so much sense to me?

I’ve realized that problems should be solved one time, and solved the right way.

As the hacker howto says (yes, I read it from time to time, and I always find it inspiring and enlightening), I shouldn’t be solving the same problem twice, and shouldn’t be reinventing the wheel.

So this is probably going to be my approach to “things to do” in the immediate future.

As usual, any hint, suggestion and/or useful comment will be welcome and appreciated.

Edit: I realized I could keep track of most of my things if I mastered some generic todo-list tool, something flexible that could adapt to my “lifestile”. I’ve been using a tool like that in the past, and that tool is the awesome Org-mode for GNU Emacs. Seems my next two weeks will be dedicated to recovering my Emacs capabilities and updating my org-mode knowledge. Yup!