POSIX Threads Programming — Some notes

October 12, 2013 | 2 Minute Read

On October 7th I began a course on Computer Architecture and Operating Systems. First part of the course is about operating systems.

I’ve alredy asked for a copy of “Modern operating systems” by Tanenbaum from the local library.

The first lessons covered multi-threaded programming using pthreads library.

I just wanted to link a nice document about multi-threaded programming with pthreads:


Bye for now!

EDIT: I’ve noticed there are some other interesting tutorials on the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Livermore Computing Center website. Among the interesting ones:

Here is the full list of tutorials.

EDIT #2 (16 Oct 2013): As always, digging the Internet I ended in being overwhelmed with informations, HOWTOs and pages to read. I found the following pages which look interesting:

Please note that the latter page is totally unrelated to (p)threads but is a page of general interest as it talks about GDB, the GNU Debugger.

Since I’ll probably begin collecting links related to this subject, I decided to make a list of links related to the “ACSO” course, publicly available via my Delicious profile.