I’ll be leaving Linode, here’s why.

September 27, 2013 | 2 Minute Read

tl;dr: it’s definitely expensive. absolutely worth it, but expensive.

I have to admit I’ll be leaving Linode, mostly as soon as possible. I’ve been a customer of theirs for a little more than a year now, and I must admit they never failed me and I am 100% satisfied with their service. Never had downtime (and when I had downtime, it was my fault) and their administrative interface is just awesome. My Linode 1GB has given me a lot of satisfactions the latest about two days ago (mostly due to it’s very low latecy network and super-responsive 8-core processor instance).


So why will I leave Linode ? The reason is it’s pretty expensive. I know, quality costs money, but it’s some how too much good for my needs.

To be honest, I used to run a VPS with BudgetVM (yeah, I was on budget), and I was happy so far with my vps (I remember I got a nice coupon code from LowEndBox which entitled me of a recurring 50% discount).

What happened then? The raid card of their servers broke, my VPS was turned down, I could not access my data (to move them somewhere else) they took it easy at answering my ticket (and I was freaking the f**k out) and after something like two weeks of pain I decided to move away, and got a Linode 512.

Happy so far.

The big change came when I discovered OVH was giving away dedicated servers for as low as 2.99€, with 2GB ram, dual core Atom processors and 500GB hard disk. The perfect choice for my micro slice of the internet. They’re sold out now, but I’ll be looking for it in order to get one as soon as possible.


Well, what else ? Nothing more, actually.