openSUSE Conference 2013: a wonderful experience

July 25, 2013 | 3 Minute Read

A few days ago (18-22 July 2013) there was the openSUSE conference, 2013, at the Olympic Museum in Thessaloniki. Although I had planned the trip for a long time, for reasons of work, and thanks to the uncooperative RyanAir, I was able to attend only on Friday and Saturday.


Both days were held in a festive, cheerful and hospitable atmosphere. The organization of the event was perfect, without neglecting any detail, both on a practical level, and in the entertainment.I really liked the presence of the dining space organized, the management of meals and the use of Geeko Money (official currency of the conference). Excellent also the facility where the event took place.

The conference program has been full of interesting speeches and very useful workshops; in particular, I could appreciate the one about OpenBuildService.


In the program of the talk has been inserted my little intervention about the promotion of openSUSE in Italy. My English is not exactly brilliant (also because of a super yummy but hellish greek sandwich) that has had an unexpected response in terms of participation and some authoritative and also unexpected positive comment.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the fantastic party with excellent barbecue, Greek salads and beer at the nearby local “La Scala”. There it was possible to launch into endless chats about “free software”, with the constant accompaniment of good music and good smell of roasted meat.

I could talk for hours about this wonderful experience, but could not describe how satisfying it can be a similar experience. For this reason, if you want to fully understand what may be a openSUSE conference, I can only suggest that you attend the next to be held in Dubrovnik, in April.

In conclusion, I would  like to thank the openSUSE “Travel Support”  for logistical, practical and economical help, to allow me to attend this event.