Better code completion for Miosix

April 06, 2012 | 1 Minute Read

For those who are using Miosix with the Netbeans IDE, there is an interesting new feature: support for configurations. Netbeans is the IDE I’m using to develop Miosix, and the kernel comes with a folder containing a Netbeans project to manage its sources. While code completion in Netbeans is good, the IDE often got confused by the existence of multiple supported architectures, so code completion would not work for resolving symbols in the board support packages, at least until now.

Now a new configuration has been added for each supported board, with the predefined macros reflecting those in, so that code completion now works also for board specific files.

To select the board you’re currently using, right click on the project, and select your board among those listed under “Set Configuration”. Note that this does not eliminate the need to edit the to build the kernel for a specific board.