Switchy 2

December 14, 2011 | 2 Minute Read

As i said in the previous post, good news are coming.

Switchy is a solution that already works for switchable graphics, but it’s somewhat clumsy to use. To have it running successfully you have to edit fstab and add entry for debugfs. Also it’s fully manual(did not integrate with any DE).
Well here is the future:
In case you’re asking i’ve got almost working code that handles everything automagically, mounting debugfs included. Code needs a lot of polishing and some bits for the 2 options to work. But how do they work?
If action is enabled (first checkbox) the unused graphics card is powered off on profile activation. (DONE)
You can select the gpu to activate on profile activation. This performs a lazy switch. That means that if you have to restart X11 the switch is performed after logout, otherwise switch is performed silently.
If “Propose GPU switch” is checked, on a switch that requires logout/login a notification is fired proposing a logout.
So switchy 2 will be basically the same in the UI, but will use the new interfaces.
I’d like to thank drf that showed me how KAuth and PowerdDevil work, and now i’m back to coding.
PS. I got accepted in QtonPi Device Program. SDK for archlinux will be there soon.

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