Opinions on MADDE

May 26, 2010 | 2 Minute Read

I tried to compile one of my projects for the n900 (Minerva text editor to be precise), was very lazy to set up a toolchain or scratchbox, so i said to myself “Hey let’s try the shiny new tool from Nokia – MADDE”.

So i downloaded MADDE for my laptop and installed it. Also installed MADDE client on the n900. So far so good. Next went on the maemo wiki to see what do i need to do to set up Qt Creator. I needed newer Qt Creator, version >= 1.3.80. Ok let’s do things for good. So i rolled my sleeves up and started writing PKGBUILDs. Two were needed to get latest qt and qtcreator from git and install them in /opt so they don’t conflict with distro provided ones (You can find them in aur – qt-opt-git and qtcreator-opt-git). Some things went very wrong so docs and qsqldrivers don’t seem to build or be detected(i think it’s a qt issue), but never mind qt creator starts, even if it was bragging about qt private headers…


So i open up minerva project and set my n900 as target. I start building. All seems ok. Then BAM! i meet reality. I get error on packaging. PACKAGING? WTF? I didn’t want to package, just run my app! So i find out that madde in order to execute your *incomplete* app packages it, sends it to your device, installs it, runs it, then when you repeat it does the same steps again. That seems a fail to me.

The good thing about madde is that i got my binaries for my device, so with a couple of scp’s and wtf’s i got Minerva running on n900. Next goal -> migrate to cmake.

Minerva Text Editor

Minerva on N900

PS: I think i found a bug in maemo’s input. When writing in Minerva’s screen i get only caps, and shift doesn’t change case. That needs further investigation as i also experience such annoyance also in Fennec.