Fonera 2.0N inside

February 05, 2010 | 2 Minute Read

It took some time but finally someone put on the web images of what’s inside the Fonera 2.0N.

Here are the links:
Printed circuit top
Printed circuit bottom

Now some details:

In the top picture you can clearly see the new Ralink chip and the FLASH memory, which has a parallel interface (the previous Foneras had a serial FLASH) so we can expect faster boot times and better read/write performance.

The bottom picture only shows the two RAM chips.

There seems to be a JTAG port (the 12 pads at the left of the top image). Even the other Foneras had such connector, but was never used since redboot and the serial port provided an easier way to reflash it.

And yes, there is also a serial port! The connector name is JP2, the 4 pin connector at the bottom left in the top pcb image. It is not populated by default, but it is always possible to solder wires directly to the pad on the pcb.

Quoting from

Serial Port is JP2.
Pins are 3,3V – RXD – GND – TXD
Configuration is: 57600 8 N 1

As I don’t have a Fonera 2.0N, I can’t try to see if it really works, buth the pinout does make sense since it says that GND is pin 3, and the bottom pcb image shows that the third pin is connected to the ground plane.